ALPHA Pet Products


"We select only the highest grade foods that we would serve to our own furry family as well as yours. We keep a variety of foods in stock so that we can help you find the right food for their particular needs. Special orders are always available at no extra charge."

We carry the best in Raw, Dried, Canned, Freeze Dried and Air Dried, pet foods on the market. We focus on all human-grade ingredients and have a wide selection of grain free diets.

Training & Behavior

"Because every animal comes with their own set of needs, we evaluate all our products to ensure their quality and effectiveness. We carry a wide variety of training tools and treats for dogs and behavioral aids for cats."

We carry No-Pull Harnesses, Training Leads, Bark Control, Training Treats, Bait Bags, Crates and Kennels, Meat Rolls, Head Collars, Pheromones, Calming Supplements, Training Collars, Muzzles and more!


"Sometimes it can come as a surprise that grooming is such an integral part of pet's health. But everything from skincare products to nail care really matters in happiness and health of your pet. We carry a full line of holistic, natural, and traditional grooming products." 

We carry Brushes, Scissors/Trimmers, All Natural Shampoo and Conditioners, Nail Care, Skunk Odor Remover, Natural and Traditional Flea Control, Wipes, Enzymatic Cleaners, Medicated Shampoos


From toys to dishes, leashes to beds, and everything in between, we carry all the essentials for creating a happy home for your loved one. Since these items get most of the use, we try to ensure their quality and sustainability." 

We carry Toys, Treats, Training Aids, Leashes, Collars, Grooming, Locally Made Beds, and much more.

Health Center

Focusing on natural and holistic pet care, we strive to find the best products on the market to help keep your pet happy and healthy. We encourage both eastern and western philosophies of pet care."

We carry Glucosamine supplements, Flower essences, Cannabinoid Treats/supplements, Homeopathic remedies, Herbal Pain relief, Anxiety relief, First aid, Allergy relief Probiotics/Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes, Skin and Coat Supplements, Natural and Traditional Flea Treatment/Prevention

"Whether your backyard is big or just a balcony, we have all the products you need to attract a variety of wildlife for you to enjoy. We have a knowledgeable team who knows the right combination of products to attract nearly any wildlife you choose in the area."

Wild Bird's Nest

We carry Bird Feeders, Squirrel Feeders, Suet, Seed, Seed Mixes, Anti-Squirrel Feeders, Bird Houses, Mounting Poles, Books, Hummingbird Feeders and Feeder Accessories